What does science have to do with Creation?

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When articles are written about creation inevitably people ask this question. They have questions about how God and science have anything to do with one another. Many people say that God is within the realm of religion and science is about facts and the reality of what is around us. Because of these seemingly incompatible aspects of life, there have been many who see the terms as having nothing to do with one another. As a result there always seems to be a constant disagreement between those who believe in creation and those who believe in accidental evolution. Therefore, it’s important to understand why science and God are related to one another.

Set of passively cooled microwave radiometers.
photo credit: nasa.gov

Since God created the universe, it only makes sense that God also created the things that science studies and investigates. God created what we see around us which means He created rocks (geology), atmosphere (meteorology), elements (chemistry), and the stars (astronomy) to name some of the areas of science. This is critical because it shows how important science is … not to prove, but to support the creation theory of the beginning of the universe. All science can do is to either lend support to the theory of creation or to the controversial theory of evolution which has no explanation of where matter came from. God has always existed and was the omnipotent being that created matter and an amazing creation that was. The theory of evolution does not leave room for anything supernatural, therefore, just saying matter appeared from nowhere is not in keeping with their belief there is nothing supernatural about life. As can be seen, science is the study of what God has created. Science does not equate and cannot be equated to creation.

photo credit: nasa.gov

Science is merely the study of what exists. It attempts to ascertain facts in an objective manner through use of the scientific method. As we learned in a previous post, for something to be a scientific fact it must be proven through use of the scientific method. Simply gathering unrelated data together in an attempt to call something a fact will not suffice. In order for something to be called a fact it must be proven through repeatable experiments that show the same reproducible results. Results that are capable of being reproduced are necessary for something to be  called a fact.

For example, Sir Issac Newton was responsible for the  third law of motion that states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is a scientific fact. Experiments can be done and every time a force is applied to anything it results in an equal and opposite reaction. Even in outer space this scientific fact is true and is reproducible. It is observable and verifiable.

As you can see, science is the study of what has been created. Science is not something that explains creation it is something that is used to study the creation. No amount of scientific facts that point toward the reality of a supernatural creation will ever “prove” that the creation theory is true. Just like evolution, creation must be proven to each person through faith. It is science that shows it takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in creation! When you think about it, to believe in evolution you must believe the “matter” that the universe consists of came from nothing. You also have to believe that the earth is just the right distance from the sun by accident. If it were any closer we would burn up and any further away we would freeze. You also have to believe that life was created by accident! Please, take one look at the complexity of your body with all its systems and tell me you believe that just happened by accident!

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