Danger: Your Child’s Science Class!

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You’re probably thinking that your child’s science class is conducted with the teacher having an open mind. You also, most likely, assume your child is being taught proven fact as just that proven fact and those ideas that are only theories will be taught as what they are just theories. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the overwhelming majority of classrooms across the United States.

When it comes to the subject of evolution, the discussion of proven facts seems to be ignored in most classrooms today. The age of the earth and the universe are integral to the explanation of the theory of evolution.

Therefore, if the documentation for the age of the earth is based on flawed science the entire theory of evolution falls apart. And the key methodology for dating the age of the earth is radiometric dating. This link will take you to my blog regarding the fallacy of this dating methodology. After reading that blog, it’s clear to see how critical it is to understand the underlying assumptions of any scientific  statement.

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The proponents of evolution spend an inordinate amount of time presenting complex formulas and performing numerous complex calculations. However, these same evolution champions spend almost no time explaining what assumptions must be accepted for any of those mathematical gymnastics to have any meaning at all.

It’s important that you know what your child is being taught in school. Like any religion, evolution should be either taught outside of public school systems or taught alongside Biblical accounts of creation. Both understandings of how the universe came into existence should be explained to students so that  they can evaluate the teachings and make their own decision as to which account they believe.

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A good way for you to know what your child is being taught is to ask your children to bring their science books home. That way you can look through them to see for yourself what they are being taught. If you find questionable content you can arrange for a meeting with your child’s science teacher. You don’t need to be concerned about being confrontational as all you need to do is ask questions to determine how your child’s science teacher approaches the subject of evolution. Does he/she just assume evolution is true or is the topic presented in an objective manner? Or you can suggest to the teacher that both theories require faith. Evolution requires faith in a couple of critical areas.

The first area where faith is necessary is in the area of where did the matter come from that created the universe. Both evolutionists and creationists accept by faith that matter existed in the beginning. Evolutionists believe it just somehow appeared while creationists believe that God created it.

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Also, both viewpoints must accept the fact that “life” happened. Evolutionists take by faith that a single celled organism just appeared out of nowhere while creationists take by faith that God created “life” by creating plants, animals, and Adam and Eve.

As you can see, both the theory of evolution and the creation viewpoint require faith. Evolution would most appropriately be categorized as a religion. Therefore, both evolution and creationism could appropriately be taught outside of the public school system or within it as different viewpoints of faith. Clearly this approach would not be an establishment of a religion, but merely the study of what already exists.
Both viewpoints are religious in nature. In fact, any viewpoint that relates to how the world was created is a religious or faith based view. Yes, in 1957 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Secular Humanism is a non-theistic religion within the meaning of the First Amendment!

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