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This website is dedicated to the True and Living God who created the Heavens and the Earth! My reason for having this website is to help others understand they don’t have to fear that somehow science contradicts what they believe or may come to believe.

My name is Jeff and I am not a scientist. I have faith that God created the earth and the universe that contains it. Since I am not a scientist my blogs will almost always consist entirely of what others with credentials have to say on the various topics that are presented. However, I will from time to time insert my own views which will be clearly identified as such.

This site will vary among presenting scientific evidence from reliable sources, interesting facts that pertain to creation, credible dissertations on creation by credentialed individuals, recent news stories about creation, and even my opinion on matters relating to God’s amazing creation.  In general, scientific evidence that supports the creation by a creator of all that is around us will be provided on this website.

You may ask why I don’t present both sides of the argument so that people who don’t believe in a creation viewpoint will have their belief presented. My response is that just about every media and educational institution including print, radio, TV schools and universities present the evolution or “poof it just appeared with no creator” theory. Therefore, it is my contention that this theory has been more than adequately expressed.  Therefore, this site is an “equal time” response. The evolution “theory” is what is already out there. Generally, that is the viewpoint of almost all media, and schools that are currently teaching it as “fact” instead of “theory” which is what it is!

You may ask what sciences am I talking about or what does science have to do with God and creation. Well, there are many sciences that certainly impact the physical world that surrounds us. There is chemistry, astronomy, geology, aerodynamics, and weather to mention some. There are also creatures (animals, fish, insects, birds) that we share the earth with as well as the human race throughout history that can be studied for a great deal of valuable information. As you can see there are many scientific veins of study that can be analyzed to discover what the sciences say about how our universe came into existence.

You may say that to believe in the Creation Theory requires faith because that theory can’t be proven as fact. That certainly is true. However, the same is true of the “Poof it just appeared with no creator” Theory. That theory is just that … a theory. There is no living person we can talk to who can testify as to how the universe came into being and God has chosen to confine His revelation to writing. Therefore, both theories are a matter of faith.